Why "Host Your Own Screening”?

Our mission is to raise awareness of doulas worldwide so we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to host their own screening of the DOULA! film. And why should you  host a screening? Here’s a few reasons:

  • to raise awareness of what a doula is and the amazing difference having a doula can make!
  • a screening becomes a community focus point, a chance to connect with potential clients and fellow birth professionals in your local area.
  • it’s a great promotional and marketing tool to promote yourself and your business.
  • you can help show expectant parents what positive birth looks like – and that it is achievable!
  • the screening can be used as a fundraiser to raise funds for a local good cause or charity.


This FREE MARKETING KIT is emailed to you when you buy any of the screening license options. We give you all the materials you need so that you can create media buzz around the event so that  local newspapers, TV & radio shows and internet bloggers pick up the story and suddenly everyone in your area is talking about doulas!

What's included:

  • an A3 POSTER supplied as a digital file by email that you can print out at your local copy shop
  • an A6 POSTCARD supplied as a digital file by email that you can print out at your local copy shop
  • an EVENT TOOLKIT by email which takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do to in preparation to host your own screening
  • a MARKETING GUIDE by email which takes you throught everything you need to do to advertise and promote your screening to the public
  • a GUIDE TO USING THE DOULA! SCREENING TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS by email which is exactly what it describes – it takes you through how to make the most out of hosting a screening
  • a SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE by email which you can adapt to add the date, time, location and your contact details to send out to your local media to create a buzz.

How to Buy

To get your DVD and screening licence CLICK HERE

Sell Extra DVD Copies To Raise Funds!

If you are hosting your own screening and would like to sell extra DOULA! DVDs to raise funds, we can supply you with DVD copies (PAL or NTSC) at a special discounted price. Available in packs of 5 or 10.
5 DVDs @ £10.00 / USD $15.70 per DVD = £50.00 / $78.50 + shipping
10 DVDs @ £9.50 / USD $15.00 per DVD = £95.00 / $150.00 + shipping

Please CONTACT US to order.