3 Doulas    100 Questions    60 Seconds

60 Second Doulas are a series of fun, but informative films in which doulas tackle the most frequently asked questions by parents-to-be.

I wanted to keep their answers short, so I limited them to 60 seconds (although sometimes the doulas break the rules and keep talking after the timer alarm has sounded!) And I wanted to keep the element of surprise and spontaneity so the doulas pull the questions in random from a rather fetching sparkly green envelope! The doulas don’t know the questions in advance and don’t know which questions are coming next, so they have to think on their feet and cram as much information as they can into just 60 Seconds.

These 60 SECOND DOULAS are not definitive answers, but bite-size childbirth education snippets which make the perfect jumping off point for further discussion.  Fun, informative and hopefully enjoyable to watch!

Please Note: The information given in the 60 Second Doulas videos should only be viewed as entertainment. If you are expecting a baby and have concerns about anything, please seek medical advice.

International 60 Second Doulas!

We started off filming doulas in our region of England, but as we started travelling around the world we thought it would be fun to continue the idea with an international flavour. So far we have filmed with doulas in the United States and Canada. We will be uploading these to our YouTube channel soon so stay tuned!

Here's an example of one. You can see all the others on our One World Birth site

About The Doulas In 60 Second Doulas

  • Sally Cropper: Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula
  • Caroline Spear: Birth & Postnatal Doula
  • Lina Clerke — Birth & Postnatal Doula, Midwife, Birth Preparation Classes & CD’s
  • Samsara Tanner: Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula. Web site:

The 60 Second Doula films are being released over the internet over the coming weeks and months, so if you like them, please share them!